Turning Big Data Into Big Knowledge – SQL and Database Marketing

Jonah Hill in the baseball blockbuster, "Moneyball"

Jonah Hill in the baseball blockbuster, “Moneyball”

From information on transactions, customers, clients, suppliers and employees – businesses (or at least smart ones) collect massive amounts of data. This data is stored in database management software systems such as Microsoft Excel, Access and MySQL. Collecting the data is hard enough, but making sense of it and translating it into future actions and strategy is even harder. Structured Query Language, or SQL, is a programming language that helps businesses manage and edit their massive troves of data in hopes of uncovering actionable knowledge that can improve the future practices of the business.  Continue reading


Majoring in the Internet – WWU’s Internet Studies Center

So far, I’ve talked a lot about different digital and internet marketing concepts. If you are a Western student that is interested in learning more about these topics (especially content development, webpage development and E-commerce), consider checking out the Internet Studies Center, where you can actually minor in Internet Studies and gain three different certifications relevant to the digital marketing world. Check out the original article I wrote in the AS Review here.

The Internet Studies Center Website

The Internet Studies Center Website

In today’s competitive job market, graduates are always searching for ways to set themselves apart from peers to be a more attractive applicant. For students interested in web programming, develop or E-commerce, Western’s Internet Studies Center might be an end to the search. Continue reading

Marketing’s Scientific Method – A/B Testing

a-b testing

You have probably done a science experiment at some point in your academic career. You came up with an hypothesis and tested it by measuring some degree of change or difference between a control group and an experimental group. In the experimental group, you added a particular treatment that was not made to the control group. Through the measurements you made between the two groups, you were able to see if your hypothesis was correct or not. The scientific method is not only used by students and scientists, marketers use it frequently in the process of split testing, also known as A/B testing. Continue reading

{title} Coding, Simplified {/title}

Binary Code

When most people think about coding, images of hack-athons depicted in Aaron Sorkin’s “The Social Network” or heist movie robbers cracking into a bank’s mainframe come to mind. People assume that coding is an esoteric skill that can only be acquired by geniuses. Nowadays, programs like Codecademy along with the easy accessibility of information on the Internet makes it easy for average people to easily learn coding basics. Continue reading

Barnes & Noble’s Monday Morning Money Back Program


Occasionally, I will post articles I write for bncnews.com, a site reporting on the events and activities of Barnes and Noble College bookstores nationwide. The Monday Morning Money Back program is a great example of a promotional effort that utilizes email marketing  to drive sales and connect with students. Check out the original article here.

For many fans, college football is more than just a sport – it’s a valued and cherished staple of American culture. From tailgating to face painting to chanting the school’s fight song, the college football experience fosters a strong sense of school spirit – and collegiate apparel offers dedicated fans an opportunity to showcase their love for the sport. Barnes & Noble College’s Monday Morning Money Back program supports that team pride by providing in-store discounts to students when their team wins. Continue reading

Bought it. Got it. Made it – Paid, Earned and Owned Media


A fundamental objective of marketing is to deliver a message. Like in all forms of communication, marketing delivers messages through channels. Unlike other forms of communication, marketing communications can utilize and deliver messages through a ton of different channels. To make things simple, marketers categorize these media channels into three different types: paid, earned and owned.  Continue reading

Content Marketing: Why Content is King

Content Marketings lies at the intersection of search, social and content creation

Content Marketings lies at the intersection of search optimization, social networking and content creation

In 1996, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates coined the famous adage, “content is king,” in an article discussing the future of the Internet. Gates speculated that companies and advertisers needed to greatly differentiate the content they produced for print from the content they wished to run on digital mediums. Gates predicted that:

“If people are to be expected to put up with turning on a computer to read a screen, they must be rewarded with deep and extremely up-to-date information that they can explore at will. They need to have audio, and possibly video. They need an opportunity for personal involvement that goes far beyond that offered through the letters-to-the-editor pages of print magazines.” Continue reading

Apple’s Best Camera Yet – The iSight Camera of the iPhone 5s

“Occasionally I will post material I write for the blog of TD Curran, Bellingham’s Certified Apple Specialist Store. Check out the official TD Curran blog here: http://www.tdcurran.com/blog

Staying true to Apple’s habit of making complex technology simple and intuitive, the new iSight Camera for the iPhone 5s is a powerful tool with a multitude of new features that makes it easy for any “point-and-shoot” photographer to take stunning, high-quality pictures and videos. Continue reading

Social Media: Commonly Used & Frequently Misunderstood

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you should already know a little something about this thing  called “social media.” Social media is big. Just how big is it? If Facebook’s user population represented the population of a country, it would be the third largest nation in the world. Social media, which was once constricted to the Internet, is now so ubiquitous that it is nearly impossible to go a day without interacting or being exposed to it. Today, we see social integration in just about every communication channel – from TV to digital to print. Despite its rampant popularity, many businesses (and people) don’t seem to quite get social media or understand how to utilize it effectively. Continue reading

Inbound Marketing – If You Build It, They Will Come


Let’s be honest, not many people pay attention to traditional marketing tactics anymore. When was the last time you gave a commercial your undivided attention? When was the last time you took the time to read and comprehend all the information in an online banner ad? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t remember. THIS is part of the reason why inbound marketing is becoming more prevalent and important to the modern business’s marketing mix and strategy. Continue reading